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The Ultimate Breakdown of File Types

Updated: Jan 25

The Ultimate Breakdown of File Types

In this blog post we will be exploring the breakdown of the different file types used whenever you save your design files for both print and digital file formats. File format types such as…





JPEG meaning “Joint Photographic Experts Group” is a file type that is commonly used with pictures and image files. Jpeg files are also referred to as JPG files in some computer software platforms, many image files are saved in jpeg format in order to reduce the file size so the files. Moreover, the quality of the image can be affected if the file is reduced too much in the jpg format. The good news is that jpeg or jpg files can be opened in any computer software program.

PDF meaning “Portable Document Format” is a file type that is used when saving documents that will be printed. PDF files are also used for documents that you can download and read only to maintain the layout of a page. A PDF file can have both images, text and links to online information, there many different apps and software programs that are specialized for opening and converting files into PDF file the format. Adobe Acrobat is the most used software platform used to open and convert PDF files. PDF files can also be read out loud using Adobe Acrobat.

PNG meaning “Portable Graphics Network” are files that like the jpg format are associated with saving image and graphic files. Logos, websites, and social media platforms are the best places to use PNG files. However, PNG files take up a lot of space and take time to load when they are opened.

GIF meaning “Graphics Interchange Format” Gif files are files that add animation to images such as logos or images on social media.

SVG meaning “Scalable Vector Graphics” is a file format used in platforms like Adobe Illustrator which is a vector based graphic design platform to save vector or (graphical image that uses points that can be joined together by lines) SVG files are only used when working with vector-based images. The SVG file format is also a good file format for printing documents because of the excellent image quality and the flexibility with how SVG makes image files resizable. Unfortunately, when it comes to designing social media content, SVG files do not work very well.

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