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The Benefits of Starting a Business in Boston, MA

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

by Amy Collette

Deciding where to live is a complicated choice. If you’re considering Boston as that location, there’s plenty of data to support that the choice is a good one, both for your business and your family.

Affordability of Relocating to Boston

With a population of nearly 700,000, Boston is among the 20 largest cities in the nation. Rentals average $3,487 per month, but there are also thousands to choose from. Unsurprisingly, the cost of living in the city is also high. This means prices can be higher. At the same time, labor will cost more in a city like Boston. The other factor to keep in mind is that cost of living influences your start-up runway, a crucial aspect of any fledgling business.

If you’re considering a move to Boston, the safest and most effective way to do it is with moving professionals. Before even contacting a local company, be sure to compare Angi movers and vet them by reading online reviews and searching for deals or discounts.

The Importance of Using Marketing Services

Don’t forget to include the cost of marketing in your start-up runway costs. Including marketing is vital to keeping you competitive, increasing sales, and building your client base. See how Original Foster Design can help your marketing efforts without affecting your business cash flow too much.

Quality of Life in Boston

There are also plenty of good reasons to move to an area where the quality of life is high, chief among them being that you’ll have a larger workforce population to draw from. Quality of life also has a trickle-down effect, impacting your employees. Boston is listed among the top state capitals in the nation for its economic well-being, quality of education and health, and more.

A few of the well-known cultural features of Boston:

• Public Gardens

• Museum of Fine Arts

• Museum of Science

• Fenway Park

An Educated Workforce Is a Dynamic, Capable Workforce

When you’re pulling from an educated workforce, you can have greater assurance that those individuals will help your business become as productive and competitive as it can be. And Boston colleges routinely rank among the best in the nation.

Some of the more than 50 Boston colleges include:

• Massachusetts Institute of Technology

• Harvard University

• Boston University

• Boston College

Connecting With the Local Community

Building relationships among local community organizations is a crucial part of establishing a start-up. Whether made up of local leaders, other businesses, or mentors, building a network can support you in the early days and motivate you when times get difficult.

Here are just a few of the best small business resources in Boston:

• The City of Boston Small Business Center

• Boston Regional Office and Minority Business Center

• Boston Score

Your Quick-Start Checklist

When setting up your business, you’ll need to register it with the city, filing a certificate that's renewable every four years. Financing can be found through Boston’s Economic Development Center and Boston Redevelopment Authority. You’ll also need a Massachusetts registered agent who can accept legal notices on your behalf to ensure the authorities and the public know how to contact your company.

High Quality of Life Balances High Cost of Living

While living in Boston is not inexpensive, the high quality of life provides balance. As a flourishing, vibrant city, Boston is the ideal spot not only for building your business but also for providing your family with a safe yet invigorating environment to explore.

Image via Pexels

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