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How Do You Pick a Good Blog Image?

Updated: Jan 25

How Do You Pick a Good Blog Image

90% of the information processed by the brain is visual - Forbes

We can’t think of crafting and publishing a well-articulated blog without a blog image! A good blog image creates the same magic for you as the attractive heading of the blog that makes readers click on your blog. It has the ability to build a connection with the audience at first glance and give them an overview of what lies ahead. 

In his study about web pages, Jakob Nielsen found that images of people are one of the most engaging forms of web content. It triggers the audience to comprehend data insights or any creative angle faster. Also, how can we miss out on mentioning that well-optimised image text can make your content SEO-friendly? 

Criteria To Select a Good Blog Image

So, how do you pick a good blog image? Are there any tricks and tips for selecting the right image? Let’s catch up with the doubt in the blog.

Stick To Your Blog Context 

Relevancy is the ultimate hack and the first step for selecting a good image for your blog. Most people mindlessly search images on the internet and pick whatever looks appealing. It is not the right approach; most of the images have copyright infringements. Firstly, you should analyse your blog tonality and flow and then select a good image that perfectly defines its theme and context. It should trigger an emotion or compel the audience to read your blog.

Image Types 

Web images come with a variety of choices, so for the next step, you should research your image types. For blog posts, you can explore the categories of conceptual, abstract, illustrative, screenshots, graphs and charts, infographics and others. The selection depends on your blog content, whether creative, informative, controversial or other. Be more specific with your research for image type selection to improve the overall blog’s look.

Quality Matters

Placing a bad-quality image will put your hard work to waste.  It can undermine your blog’s credibility and overshadow your good writing skills. So, the best way to avoid it is to keep high-resolution images for your blog to gain more visibility. As technology escalates for the graphical world, high quality or resolution is no longer a tough deal to crack. 

Use People Images 

Images with people create a good effect on the audience rather than plain images. Graphical creativity gets enhanced with people's elements, and there is no chance it will get overlooked. 

It instantly builds connectivity and makes it easy to portray the theme of your blog. For instance, for a conversational topic blog, placing an image of an office conference or other showcasing people talking to each other will create the perfect alignment.

Number of Images 

The ideal number of images for a 1000-word blog is 4 to 5 images, depending on the context. For instance, in a technical blog, you can use multiple images showing stepwise guidance to define every step. To break down long blogs, creators use multiple images to break the content and make the formatting more attractive. So, you can look at your blog content and decide on how many images will be enough. 

Portrait or Landscape

It totally depends on your website layout; most people suggest you only go for landscape. There is no specific rule as such; if your blog looks more appealing with portrait images, you can place it for a different look. As the website building gets more flexible with the drag-and-drop mechanism, UI & UX design are getting improved. So, based on the web page layout, you can optimise your image for portrait or Landscape orientation.

Be Specific With Color Scheme 

Your color scheme selection for the blog image can divert readers' attention; if it is too splashy and multicoloured, it will make it look unattractive. Also, you should avoid images with overlays and messy graphics; they don’t add any value to your content. Instead, you can choose clear and clean images with the perfect balance of color shades to enhance your blog visibility. 

Graphics Is a New Trend!

For content marketing, visuals and graphics help you to get an edge by driving more traffic to your blogs or web pages. It is rightly said that not all blogs require to have an image. Still, it adds a special effect to your written content. Millions of pieces of content get uploaded on the internet worldwide; it will be difficult to gain visibility when you start with blogs. Adding graphical images can create a big difference, so at least put an initial image in place to optimise your blog.

Whether you are posting a blog for an e-commerce website or personal branding, your end goal is to gain attention. If you are into marketing, you can add attractive CTA to promote your brands. Otherwise, add your social media username or Gmail address for personal branding. If you click the images on your own, use a watermark of your name or brand to restrict its shareability. 

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