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Takeaways From Trend ‘Graphic Design Is My Passion’!

Graphic Design Is My Passion

Do you remember the iconic meme trend ‘Graphic design is my passion’? You must have come across this infamous meme somewhere on Twitter or Instagram. Apart from funny content, this trend aims to roll eyes at the real essence of art and graphic passion. While the context is funny, these memes convey the iconic message of how passionately designers invest in the arts to craft interactive and appealing designs. 

Let’s dive into the details of graphic design associated with this iconic meme trend and how passionate designers are apart.

How Is “Graphic Design Is My Passion” Meme-Trend Started? 

Graphic Design Is My Passion Meme

Turning back to 2014, a Tumblr user named Yungterra shared a funny image depicting a cloud with a frog in the background and wrote, ‘Graphic design is my passion’. Soon, over the years, it went viral, with 131,000 notes in just eight months and more than 342,000 notes on Tumblr in the following year. The Internet is flooded with users' versions of this meme that follow the trends. 

It worked as sarcasm on mediocre graphic artists who proclaim themselves as top artists with mere template tweaks while skilled ones spend hours editing and artistic design templates. The real idea was to outshine the creativity and self-expression involved in graphic designing and appreciate the brilliance of passionate designers.

Top 5 Traits Of A Passionate Graphic Designer

Top 5 Traits Of A Passionate Graphic Designer

After reviewing the context of the trend ‘Graphic design is my passion’, how can we define passionate designers? Some believe that creativity comes from birth, while others find it a learning behavior. Graphic design is a skilled job and involves rigorous hard work, tight deadlines, client revision, and creative blocks. 

Here are a few traits that reveal you are a passionate graphic designer:

1. Balanced Creativity 

Creative jobs like graphic design are hard and require passion to develop new ideas. Many designers claim that ‘Graphic design is my passion’, but this might not be true once they start working on professional projects. Exploring multiple templates with strict deadlines needs balanced creativity to develop attractive graphics.

2. Effortless Discipline

One of the common traits among passionate graphic designers is their immense discipline and commitment to dedicating hours to editing. Although digital tools speedily reduce designers' time and effort, high-quality graphics still require a lot of devotion to generating bold and creative designs based on client's requirements. 

3. Constant Evolving

Passionate graphic designers will never settle for minimal ideas; they always search for new inspirations. From new courses to advanced tools, they keep upgrading with fresh insights and challenge themselves by experimenting with unique styles and techniques. As the future prospects of graphic designing unlock lucrative possibilities, designers need to evolve constantly. 

4. Time Management

Graphic designers deal with multiple projects and tight deadlines. Any passionate designer needs to pace with time management to manage their workload and upgrade their creativity. Recently, freelancing gigs have expanded, and designers are effectively adopting time management strategies to complete their tasks.

5. Innovative Creation

Only a passionate graphic designer can turn simple designs into aesthetic and vibrant art. So, designers are required to be meticulous in recreating design elements and projecting a story through their creative art. Top brands leverage their social media marketing with creative graphics and videos developed by passionate designers.

Why Creativity Matters in Graphic Design?

Creativity Matters in Graphic Design

Nothing great in the world has ever been accomplished without passion. 

- Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel

Creativity and innovative skills are crucial for anyone aspiring to become a good graphic designer. From precise detailing to color grading, a designer should edge in all skills to craft perfect art. Creative graphics capture attention, simplify complex messages or concepts, add emotional connection and enhance brand identity. Designers use their creative skills to project stories and captivating narratives. 

So, it is not wrong to say that creativity is a driving fuel for graphic designers. It’s vital to be more passionate about design work and unleash the power of imagination. As digital marketing gears up in the market, more companies focus on brand image and identity; the demand for creative designers is exploding in the market. Hence, there will be more competition and challenges for designers to develop unique layouts that can hook audiences and evoke emotions. 

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