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5 Design Elements that Make your Business Cards Effective

Updated: Nov 21, 2023

In this blog post we will be exploring the 5 elements that make your business card design

Effective. The 5 elements for business card design that we will be exploring are...

1. Space

2. Color

3. Text

4. Shape

5. Proximity

Space is a graphic design element that when space is used in the design of a business card can make the contact information legible and easier to read. Space can also give your business card design a place for your viewer’s eyes to focus on such as the name of your company and your company website. Because, spacing is one of the key elements in graphic design it is very important that the design of your business card has what we graphic design professionals call a “visual hierarchy”. A visual hierarchy helps to visually communicate the order of how you want your business card to be read. For example, you may want your name to be read first, next your title (CEO, Manager, Director of Marketing etc..) then the next information you want your views to see is your contact information so someone can get in touch with you if they are interested in your services.

Color in the design of your business card can be an effective way to evoke certain emotions

When it comes to how you want you company brand to be perceived and remembered. Color can also give your business card an aesthetic appeal that catches someone attention and makes the think Wow! That is an awesome business card design”. For more information on the effectiveness color has in graphic design click the following link.

Text or typography is a design element that can be effective in the design of your business card because business cards contain more text than any other design element because a business card is apart of your company brand and the size of the text and whether the information on your business card is bold, italic or underlined. Moreover, the use of type in the design of your business card can give the impression on the type of industry your company represents such as the way legal firms tend to have a more serious look and feel and use serif typefaces (a text style where the top and bottom of the letters have small lines at the ends of the letter). While if your business was based in the fast-food industry the text on your business card would be big bold, colorful, and dynamic.

Shape is a graphic design element that can be an effective way to express to your prospective clients and customers the types of services your company provides. What I mean by this is suppose you own your own yoga studio, and you want to communicate your services to your clients by designing your business card or even printing your business card in the shape of a lotus flower because the lotus flower is a symbol that is associated with yoga.

Proximity is the fifth and final element that can make your business card design effective. Proximity is the grouping and shaping of objects in a composition. When you place text and shapes close together or far apart you visually communicate to your viewer whether these elements are related to each other can get you company’s message across.

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