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My Top 5 Favorite Graphic Design projects to work on

In this blog post we will be discussing my top 5 graphic design projects to work on as a freelance graphic designer. Projects such as:

Logos, posters, business cards, flyers, Info Graphics. So with out further delay lets get in to the heart of the matter.

Logos are number one on my list of graphic design projects because logos to me are the most simplistic yet symbolic graphic design element that can be used for identifying a company brand (like the Nike swish, Apple logo, 3 stripes for Addidas), an organization (social movement) or and a visual way to express one’s values or provide direction like the icons found in public transit stations to help passengers and tourists find their way. The best thing about designing logos is the amount of fun it can be coming up with different creative ideas for different logo concepts; whether those ideas are icons, shapes, badges, numbers, letters, words, or images. Fun fact logos are actually the most ancient form of graphic design from wall paintings in caves to hieroglyphic in the temples of Egypt. Each design had its own specific meaning and if that is not an amazing bit of inspiring information I don’t’ know what is.

Posters are one of my favorite graphic design project to work on because posters are a great way for graphic designers to express their creativity to either help spread awareness for a specific social event, promote a company’s product or posters can just be used as an art form like abstract and post modern art. Since I started working as a graphic designer I have had the opportunity to work on many different poster design projects. My favorite poster design was when I designed a poster for a local television station I used to work for as an intern during my time in school. The purpose of the poster was to help promote a series of movies being shown for the TV station’s community short film series group. The fun part about working on this poster design project was having the creative freedom to design the posters any way I wanted as long as I included the TV station’s company logo and social media information. Another reason why posters are one of my favorite design projects to work on is when a graphic designer creates a poster images and text can be used to dramatically increase the visual impact from a distance meaning that the poster can catch someone’s attention from far away. For more information on design posters click the following link

Business Cards are one of my favorite projects to work on because to me personally a business card is a way of establishing an identity as a company brand. From a designer’s perspective creating a business card for a client means having to opportunity to help a client spread the word about whom their business is and what their business does. Business cards can come in all shapes and sizes not just the typical and traditional square shaped business card. Business cards can be printed on many different types of paper stock such as glossy, vellum even fabrics. In fact I remember attending a networking event and exchanging business cards with someone who gave me their business card made out of some type of transparent see through plastic-like material. I thought “this is a really cool design I never seen this before” and to be honest not many people have seen designed and printed this way but they do exist and if you happen to have the money to have a business card design printed on very expensive card stock material then that will help boost your company’s chances of standing out from it’s competitors. To learn more about business cards click the following link

Flyers Like posters and business cards flyers are designed as a marketing tool for businesses to attract customers and increase the sales of their products and services. Most flyers are designed for a specific target audience in mind and only have a limited amount of space to display the most important eye catching information. To learn more about flyer design click the following link.

Info Graphics have become a popular form of graphic design and function as a visual tool to provide directions in public transit stations, information on different symptoms and how to protect yourself in hospitals, info graphics are used in instruction manuals for assembling furniture, appliances, electronics and gaming consoles. Moreover with all the events taking place, info graphics have become more used in social media posts to help communicate messages to specific target audience, drive traffic to website, blogs and launch the latest products and services.

Are you curious to learn more about info graphic? Click here

Without a doubt this blog describes the top 5 graphic design projects to work on but also my personal favorite graphic design projects that I am passionate about working on whenever I work with clients. For more inspiring and informative blog posts be sure to follow, like, share and stay tune for more content by clicking the following link.

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