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Finding Freelance Support as a Solopreneur

by Amy Collett

When you’re running a business on your own, you can easily get overwhelmed when you look at your calendar for the week. But if you’re not quite ready to hire employees yet, you’ve probably been tackling your extensive to-do list by buckling down each day and working long hours until everything is done. However, this approach can quickly lead to burnout.

Instead, you can hire freelancers for various projects, including technical initiatives that you may not have the expertise to complete on your own. With a commitment to quality, creativity, and flexibility, Original Foster Design is just what you need -- whether you’re interested in temporary projects or long-term contracts. Here’s why hiring freelancers is a smart business decision for solopreneurs, as well as a few types of freelancers you may want to work with.

Why Hire Freelancers?

At times, hiring freelancers can be a better choice for your business than hiring employees. Live Inspired Magazine states that experienced freelancers will not need training or orientation, which saves you time and money, and they will bring fresh perspectives and insights to your business. Basically, when you hire the right freelancer, they will be ready to hit the ground running.

Online Formation Service

Sometimes, you don’t necessarily need to hire a freelancer to complete a particular project but using a digital service can help you finish an important task. For instance, this strategy can come in handy if you need to file paperwork to establish your company as an LLC, but you’re concerned that trying to file on your own would be confusing and time-consuming.

Forming an LLC can grant you tax breaks and personal asset protection, and you can get these benefits without the stress of filing by yourself. Instead, an online formation service can walk you through the process and ensure that you meet all your state’s requirements, as the regulations can vary in different states.

SEO Expert

You may know that search engine optimization is important - but what if you don’t understand all the ins and outs of SEO? Trying to learn everything you would need to know about SEO would take up a large portion of your time, so instead, why not look for a freelance SEO expert who can manage it for you? A reputable SEO expert can help you improve the search rankings for your website and improve your overall virtual presence.

Digital Marketing Specialist

SEO is just one aspect of digital marketing. If you want to supercharge your entire digital marketing strategy, you’ll want to seek out a freelance consultant. Perhaps you’ve completed some basic marketing projects on your own, like setting up social media profiles for your business. But to compete against other business’s online, you might need to go further with techniques like email marketing or paid advertising campaigns. And to pull this off, you’ll probably want input from someone who already possesses a high level of expertise in these areas. In the meantime, you can get a great start in advertising by using Adobe’s Instagram story template to help get the word out.

Web Developer and Designer

Perhaps you set up a basic website for your business, but you’re not sure if it really draws in new clients. Maybe you’d like to reorganize the layout, or maybe you’re worried that it’s just too slow. If you don’t have the technical know-how to update your website on your own, you can hire a web developer to get it done. While a web developer will handle the functionality on the backend of your website, a web designer can help you with everything from graphics to color schemes to establishing a brand identity for your site.

IT Consultant

Are you dealing with a big technical problem that you can’t seem to solve by yourself? Or are you concerned about cybersecurity for your company? Hiring an IT consultant is a wise choice. They can help you with acute technical issues as well as risk reduction to keep your company’s data secure.

How to Find the Right Freelancers

To find freelancers across different industries, you can share job postings on popular online jobs platforms for contractors. Work Genius recommends including details like the scope of work, budget, required skills, availability requirements, and project timeline in the job description. You can schedule interviews with freelancers who have high-quality work samples, or you can simply handle hiring and onboarding over email! But before the work officially begins, make sure that you and the freelancer have agreed on a contract and payment rate that is acceptable to both of you. This contract will protect both parties, so do not neglect this document.

As a solopreneur, you’re used to working independently. But sometimes, outsourcing work to freelancers can help you polish up your branding, accelerate project timelines, and even increase your revenue over time. Hiring freelancers is an investment into the future of your company.

With a proven track record of creativity, passion, and commitment, Original Foster Design helps clients discover and develop their brand identity so they can have a business they can be proud of.

Photo via Pexels

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