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Factors that make the perfect Logo

Updated: Jan 26

In this blog post, we will be exploring the factors that make the perfect logo design. As a freelance graphic designer, my job is to make sure that clients I work with have logo designs that best represent their company brand and my graphic design expertise.

Factors that make the perfect logo include the following

· Appearance

· Scalability

· Color

· Is it memorable?

· Readability/Typography

The appearance

The appearance of a logo is an important factor that makes a perfect logo because a logo is the first impression someone gets when they think of your company and the products/services your company provides to its customers and clients. Moreover, the appearance of a logo has to be designed in such a way where it’s able to stand above and beyond the competition. The reason why is it only takes 3-5 seconds for a logo design to catch the attention of someone looking at before they move on to something else. The logo is also the face of your brand.

Scalability Or the way a logo looks whenever its size is increased or decreased is a factor that makes the perfect logo because both the graphic designer and the client want to make sure the logo is readable and not distorted in any way if the logo is to be displayed on a website or printed on company brand material and promotional items.

Color is an important factor for creating the perfect logo design because you want to make sure that the color of your logo matches and represents the color scheme of your company brand, the logo looks good in black and white as well, the logo colors do not strain the eyes when the logo is viewed and the color evokes emotions that brand intends the logo colors to evoke to attract customers and clients. For example, fast food restaurants used bright yellows to express friendliness & happiness and reds to stimulate hunger or to get customers to stop and eat at their restaurant.

For more information on the usage of color in your logo design click the following link:

Memorability is a factor for creating the perfect logo because you want your customers/clients to remember who your company brand is. The perfect logo design functions as a marketing tool that help to identify your brand. No matter if your logo is a particular shape, symbol or icon. For example, when you think of Nike you think of the swish or checkmark because it is a simplistic yet memorable logo design that represents movement and being active because Nike is a brand that sells sneakers and active wear.

Readability/Typography is an important factor for creating the perfect logo design because, in order for your company brand or organization to attract customers and clients, your target audience has to be able to read the name of your logo. In addition, the font or typography you choose for your brand has to also reflect the look and feel of your company brand. What I mean by this is if your company brand is a daycare center you want to use a fun and child-friendly font/typeface for your logo. If you are in the business of sales and marketing you want to use to use a bold san serif logo to stand out from your competition and more of a corporate look and feel.

However, if your company is a yoga studio you would use a light script typeface font to represent more of a calm relaxing look and feel because the practice of yoga is calm and relaxing in nature.

In conclusion, there are many factors that go into creating the perfect logo for your company brand, the above list is only a brief list of factors to help get the ball rolling on your journey to creating the perfect logo design for your company. To read more inspiring and informative blog posts like this one make sore to click the following link:

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