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Experience Working with a client

My Experience as a Freelance Graphic Designer

In this post I will be sharing my experience with a client who I worked with as a freelance Graphic Designer. One particular experience I had with a client I was working with was when I was first starting out as a freelance graphic designer and I was looking to gain experience as well as build my portfolio. 

This client was a client I met while I was working as a temp receptionist for a housing agency. So one day I was at work updating the company’s database and answering some phone calls, then a guy walked in asking for the supervisor because this guy was a contractor for a painting company. My boss then walked in the room and introduced himself and my boss and the contractor began to have their conversation about whatever they planned to talk about. A few minutes later I overheard the contractor tell my boss that he did not have any business cards, which sparked an idea within me. I am a freelance Graphic Designer. I will help this guy. So when my  boss walked away briefly I seized the opportunity to introduce myself to the contractor and offer to help design his business card. I came up with so many ideas that I was able to offer the contractor a variety of choices that were so well designed it was almost difficult for the contractor to choose which business card design he liked best. Eventually the contractor settled on a business card design and I made to last minute changes to suit the contractor’s needs and to this day the business card I designed for the contractor is apart of my Graphic Design portfolio and an experience I am proud of.

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