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Being creative

Updated: Jan 25

Being creative

In this blog post I will be discussing one of my favorite topics, which is about being creative. Growing up I did not always know that I would be creative but as I got older an matured I began to develop an interest in creating things from sketches of cartoon characters I would make up to poetry that would eventually lead me to self publish my very first poetry book titled “Soul of my Words Heart of my Mind

Link to my poetry book below:

As for being creative I will list 5 strategies for being creative even if creativity is natural talent for you.

· Nature

· Meditation

· Art Museums

· You Tube videos

· Podcasts



Being in nature whether it’s a walk in the park, walk along the beach or a full on hike in the woods at your favorite nature reserve. There is no better way to stimulate that creative flow state then being in the great out doors taking in the sun light and observing all the sights and sounds of a natural environment. Whenever I spend time in nature I have time to reflect, block out the noise and distractions from living in the city and release stress. I am then able to become more free to tap in to that part of the brain that controls creativity and I begin to have all types of creative ideas appear in my mind and immediately I want to get on my computer or get out a sketchbook and jot down any ideas that come into my head. Once I have an idea I feel like I have to get the idea on paper as soon as possible before the idea becomes lost in the vastness of the many other thoughts that appear in my head when my mind is running on autopilot. However I have noticed recently that when I repeat the ideas that I have in my head long enough I am able to better recall them when its time for me to put them on paper. The last thing I want to add about being in nature to help with creativity is that nature its self is creativity for 1,000’s of years nature has done nothing more that create and innovate all kinds of life forms and natural events to keep plants, animals, every resource, rock formation even you and me functioning on the planet.



Meditation is another way to help in the process of being creative. Just as a side note mediation may not be for everyone and that is perfectly Ok but for the sake of this blog post and anyone who is currently having difficulty with being creative, exploring the art of meditation may be a possible option. So, I bet you are wondering, “What is Meditation and what does it have to do with being creative”? Well, I will tell you. In a nutshell meditation is the action of being still and observing your thoughts without judgment. “Are you still confused about what meditation is?

Here is a link to an article to help explain what meditation is

There are also many videos and meditation centers that teach individuals how to meditate also there are many mobile apps that were designed to help with learning how to meditate

As for the creativity part in my personal experience whenever I meditate and clear my mind the best I can (this is not always easy because my mind wanders very easily) so I just notice whatever I am thinking without judging what I am thinking (this is still a work in progress for me honestly) then I focus on bringing my mind back into the present moment, setting the intention for what I want to create because everything is based on energy and has a specific vibration. Therefore when I am tuned into the vibration of creativity I am and I become more creative. In fact there are meditations that are designed for creativity. Click the following link to view a meditation for creativity.

Art museums

Art museums are the epicenters of creativity fill with sculptures, paintings, ancient artifacts, and modern forms of art. Just one tour of any art museum is enough to spark all kinds of creative ideas for creating content, paintings writing or even sketching artwork of your own. How do I know? Well because I personally have been to many different art museums and became inspired to create abstract paintings and write poetry of my own. For more information on being creative by visiting art museums click the following link:

You Tube Videos

You Tube Videos

You tube videos are another go to when it comes to being creative. With the rise of social media in the age of technology and innovation, there are so many videos uploaded to You Tube every day. The videos and content creators I personally like, follow and subscribe to are Ralph Smart (aka Infinite Waters) because he talks a lot about becoming your greatest version and his content is very uplifting and inspiring

Spiritual So because his content is all about spiritually and focusing on yourself and most of the content he creates is relatable. Teal Swan because her content is also inspiring but also eye opening through the way she is able to pin point the root causes of many of the issues people face on a spiritual level, mental level and psychological level. The one thing I feel like all the you tubers I subscribe to is the amount creativity each of these content creator put into the work they do and the quality of content they put out, its so inspiring to me. The reason I’m inspired by these you tubers are that they are doing what they are passionate about no matter what society thinks.



Podcasts are another tool that I utilize to assist in my process in being creative. For those who do not know what a podcast is or never heard of a podcast, a podcast is a series of digital audio programs that users can download for free on a personal device to listen to any time they want. Some of my favorite podcasts I like to listen to are about improving one’s life and how to programs for bettering my creative design skills, even recommendations for other podcasts that I can subscribe to that teach other useful information. The main idea that I am trying to get at with the whole deal of podcast being a useful tool for being creative because you can get inspired just by listening and learning something new.

So, there you have it folks my top 5 lists for being creative. Stay tuned for the next blog post by clicking the following link:

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