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5 Important Things I require When you Hire me as your Graphic Designer

Hello, to all my soon to be blog subscribers and prospective clients here is a fun fact about me I like poetry hence the catchy title and I am just as passionate about creative writing as I am about being your Graphic Designer. After all my purpose is to provide my creative expertise, in order to help your company stand above and beyond your competitors. However, before we can cross that bridge there are a few things I will require from you as my client and in this blog post I will be discussing 5 soon-to-be things I will need when you hire me as your Graphic Designer.

Things such as…

· Any sketches you have done for a logo

· Information on the project size

· Any specific colors for your brand

· Any text you want to include in the design

· Budget and payment for my services

Sketches for Logo designs Are one of the first things on the list that I require clients to send me whenever we work together. The reason why is to ensure that I have an understanding of what the client is looking for when it comes having a visual aide for the way the client wants the logo to be designed. So, once I get the logo sketch sent to me I can begin working on coming up with ideas to help my clients by creating lasting and memorable logo designs for their company brand.

Information on the project size is another important thing that I require when I work with my clients. The reason why sending me information for the size of the project you hire me to work on is important is that as a Graphic Designer I have to know whether or not the project I am being hired to work on is an 8inX11in or 11inX17in poster design so that when the project file is sent off to be printed the project is printed at the proper size. In addition, maybe you are hiring me to design a template for your landing page on Facebook, Facebook has like most social media platforms have specific guidelines for the size and formats for their landing pages.

For more information on format and image sizes for social media click the following link

Specific colors for your brand is the next important information I require my clients to send me when we work together in case there are certain colors clients use for their brand, logo, letterhead, and any other marketing material. From a design perspective, colors are an element of Graphic Design and color plays an important role when it comes to corporate branding. Colors can evoke different emotions when you or your customers look at them such as seeing bright red and yellow may trigger buying food at a fast-food restaurant like McDonald's, soft colors like light pink and blue shopping for newborn babies while navy blue may communicate a more corporate serious to customers or clients. For more information on graphic design and colors click the following link.

How Color Affects your Brand

Using Color in Graphic Design

The text you want to include in the design is also an important thing that I require clients to send me because I want to be able to have some type of important information to place on the project I am designing so that the client’s product, service or event can be communicated and you the client can better provide services, attract customers and improve the sales of the products your company sells.

Budget and payment for my services is an important thing I require because you are hiring for my creative services and expertise in exchange for payment for the time and quality of work.

So to recap whenever you hire me to work on a project for your company the five things I require from you are any sketches you have done for a logo Information on the project size any specific colors for your brand, any text you want to include in the design and budget and payment for my services. As always thank you for taking the time to read this blog post stay tuned for more content by clicking the following link.

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